Co-operation with Yellow Wings

Rob van Viegen of Yellow Wings and Chris Laarman of Valebo! have made a startup after the summer of 2015 after they agreed to offer a joint communication training. Our metaphor: fly! After the tryouts we are all ready!

An airplane to improve team communication?

State of the art communication in the cockpit is vital; Pilots must understand each other with a minimum number of words, each message may be for one explanation only, and there are many messages in a very short time. In addition, one of them also has to talk to the air traffic controller, with noise on the radio and other devices that also want to say something so you only have seconds to ask or share something. How do you do that? That is a good idea and that way of communicating is the most effective way to bring about practical actions, and everyone understands what he's doing! And of course you have to do all kinds of other actions at the same time in the cockpit ...... ..

Yellow Wings, of course, provides this training in an appropriate environment; A lifelike and fully operational cockpit of a Boeing 737! You learn yourself and know each other at 250 miles per hour in 6 roles, three in the cockpit and three at the radar station. An intensive and sometimes hilarious 'serious game' for teams who want to know more about each other's work and who want to communicate and interact more smarterly. The most exciting communication training you've ever done!

Everything is communication

You may know it: the jungle of signs along the highways, routes, redirects, rules deviations. An excess of information through the media. The air traffic controller only has his voice and can not use body language. If a pilot and traffic manager can see each other during the performance of their work, something goes wrong. Body language is usually considered indispensable for proper communication.

You can feel that everything comes down to you: but then you're on the wrong road half.

And .... Do we really do what is being said? Do we understand all the information that comes to us or do we feel like? How does it happen that others do not do what you say, "I've been clear?" Or is there something wrong with the "wavelength"?

"I've had all the communication skills already. I do not surprise them anymore ...! "Oh no?

In our communication course, Yellow Wings and Valebo combine! Theory and practice: confrontationally fiercely and humorously clear! We break through the communication walls and keep the noise barrier of unmistakable communication.

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