Course 'Coaching for Senior Professionals'

The registration for the course "The added value of coaching" will again be possible again in 2019!

Senior professionals have the desire to be informed about coaching and their strength in order to expand and supplement their advisory package. For corporate counselors and counselors with a wealth of service, the importance of a piece of paper for a training is already over and landed in life and actually already "unconsciously competent"

This course has a dual goal:

  1. Knowledge expansion of the coaching course to supplement and deepen professionalism for guidance programs.
  2. Using casualty to gain insight into, gaining knowledge of and experience how coaching as an additional skill is powerful, is to guide people in finding their key to development, both personal and in a business environment.

For this purpose, we use the Competence Framework for the Senior Practitioner Coach of NOBCO-EMCC. We provide a workbook and a textbook.

This course will be awarded by the NOBCO-EMCC with 6 PE points.

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