Surveys and questionnairs for (e-)assessments and (e-)coaching

All the tests you need for a full assessment:

Our assessments provide you with a complete test program, which enables you to set up or support all your HR programs. Personality questionnaires and intelligence tests form the basis for many programs. These can be reinforced with consultation with specific questionnaires and merging with development or assessment centers. This creates customized organization for your organization with sharp price agreements.

The benefits of our assessments in a row:

  • Complete test portfolio;
  • Scientific-based and (partly) Cotan Certified;
  • Excellent price / quality ratio;
  • Fully web-based.

House Rules:

The feedback calls after the surveys take place at a location to be determined. Due to the licensing fees to be paid, our invoices must be paid in advance.


With the help of our digital coach environment 'DigitCoach' we also provide e-coaching, an excellent example of blended learning.

Download here a brief description of e-coaching (NL) ...

Please contact us and ask for clarification without any obligations: