Our Management Games and Simulations

MYRON Training & Simulation

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MYRON Training & Simulation™, xxciting business simulation to build an imaginary company, especially by potential executives. Input and anchoring in their own organization is essential.

Galleon Games TM

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Galleon Games™ Is a one-day management simulation for team formation in organizations for employees and managers. At the end of the imaginary exploration of the Gulf of Discoveries, the participants of Galleon Games™ have gathered 'new food for cooperation' and 'communication wealth'.


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QuinnQuiz©, A board game for discussing competences in different layers of the company, for organizations that start thinking about competencies; Based on Quinn's leadership model.

Attention: this game is replaced by 'Business Positioning System'.

Company's Archipelago©

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Company's Archipelago©, A board game (on the formats A1 and carpet!) in an imaginary archipelago to discuss cultural elements: communicate in a non-threatening way, positive and solution-oriented.


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Dialogues©, a board game for executives for discussing paradoxes and dilemmas experienced by executives; Different variants for different audiences available.

Also available in Dutch!


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Coaching instrument, based on the phenomenon of 'family arrangements' by Hellinger and intended to bring clients into contact with their life history and living conditions. And most of all, who is best at him / her!