‘Working to learn and learning to work’

Skilled Team

Valebo! is an international training and coaching organization. We are convinced that Man is infinite in his developmental possibilities. Therefore we work with senior professionals, all of whom have generously earned their traces in the field of coaching, training and  different shapes of consultancy on leadership and corporate culture.

We are succesfull in integration, positioning and delivery of training and coaching in complex processes of development and changes, especially in international context (France, UK, Kazachstan, Tunisia, Belgium). Experienced in governance, management and consultancy. Realistic goal oriented. People managers, initiators, pragmatic builders and developers.

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Our vision

Valebo! - Latin for 'I shall add value' – contributes to a sustainable, harmonious and  balanced future for our children and their children. Man himself is the additive value so that people live and work in harmony with each other for a peaceful, reliable and sustainable future.

Our mission

  • Developing learning in organizations for personal and societal sustainable transformation: working and learning are one;
  • Maintaining dynamic equilibrium in people, in exploration and creativity and in result orientation and realism through specialized training and coaching;
  • Supporting executives in building a value-driven organization based on the latest insights into executive coaching, assessments and leadership development;
  • To promote the exchange of knowledge and experiences between people, departments and organizations.

Charter for Compassion


Our approach

It is both warm and pragmatic. We therefore have a lot of experience and so … much understanding. On the other hand, we can also be troublesome and confrontational and look realistically at the circumstances to achieve goals. In addition, we have extensive experience in various types of organizations, both profit and non-profit. Coaches and trainers of Valebo! are eager to help organisations by intensive conversations and by sharing practical experiences and knowledge, easy to adept. We developed specific questionairs and protocols. Are there concerns about the developments within the organization and its culture? Is it necessary to improve the leadership style or management skills? Are you looking for assessment centers or development centers? You want to continue with your business? Is there any need for extra attention in the organization regarding outplacement, not just attention for the retirees, but also for the retardants? Is there a need to think about career planning?

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